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  • Industrial property

    LUPEON, S.L. is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights associated with LU_Touch. Y DATIVIC, S.L. It's a company authorized for all its marketing and sale.

    Specifically, we inform you that both the LU_Touch design and the LU_Touch + design are registered at a European level.

    In turn, we inform you that the 3D mark "LU_Touch" has been registered internationally. You can see the file at the following link.

    Legal implications

    • Community drawing-model: LUPEON, S.L. You have the exclusive right of use on the Community model drawing 007813738-0001 and to prohibit its use by third parties without your consent, as established in article 19 of Regulation 6/2002 on community designs. By use, in particular, the manufacture, supply, placing on the market, import, export or use of a product in which the design is incorporated or to which it has been applied, shall be understood as well such as the storage of the product for the aforementioned purposes.
    • Internationally registered trademark 1533993- LU_Touch, in accordance with Rule 14.1) of the Common Regulations of the Madrid Agreement relating to the International Registration of Marks and the Protocol concerning that Agreement.
    • European Union Mark: As established in article 9 of Regulation 2017/1001 on the European Union mark, LUPEON, S.L. has the exclusive rights to the 3D mark LU_Touch with nº 018225354. Specifically, LUPEON, S.L. will be empowered to prohibit any third party, without their consent, the use in economic traffic of any sign in relation to products or services when:

    a) the sign is identical to the Union mark and is used in relation to goods or services identical to those for which the Union mark is registered;

    b) the sign is identical or similar to the Union mark and is used in relation to products or services identical or similar to the products or services for which the Union mark is registered, if there is a risk of confusion on the part of from the public; the risk of confusion includes the risk of association between the sign and the brand;

    In particular, it may be prohibited:

    • place the sign on the products or on their packaging;
    • offer the products, market or store them for such purposes, or offer or provide services, with the sign;
    • import or export the products with the sign;
    • use the sign as a trade name or company name, or as part of a business name or company name;
    • use the sign in commercial documents and advertising;
    • use the sign in comparative advertising, contrary to Directive 2006/114 / EC.


    If your entity is interested in using the Model-Drawing or the LU_Touch brand, you must first contact us at legal@lu-touch.com to reach an agreement.

     In turn, we inform you that the only license that we allow openly is the following: License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs