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  • Ear protector for masks


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    Accessory to hold the elastic of the mask and make its use more comfortable and safe.

    One of the drawbacks of prolonged use of surgical or hygienic masks is pain derived from the pressure of the elastic on the back of the ear. These discomforts generally cause us to try to adjust it frequently to relieve pressure, increasing contact with the mask and causing moments of exposure. All this can carry a risk and reduce the effectiveness of the use of masks.

    This can be solved by using a ear protector, an accessory that holds the elastics at the back of the head, spreading the pressure over a larger surface and eliminating the discomfort and pain in prolonged use. Another advantage of using an ear protector with the mask is the possibility of holding the elastics in various positions, which achieves a better fit.

    Now that the masks are an essential object in our day to day, the ear protector becomes the ideal complement to make its use more bearable.